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Trampoline park staff traning

Trampoline park staff traning

2.8 Staff training

2.8.1, Playing way of each function area and technical skills training

[For example] Dodgeball, cageball,basketball

2.8.2, safety and precautions, simple maintenance, repairment, equipment and cleaning training

1, Cautions

(For example) getting into the venue must wear anti-skid socks, one trampoline mat does not allow two people to jump, and not allowed to imitate the coaches action (Note: security instructions inside)

2, Equipment maintenance and repairment

For example, before going to/get of work to check whether spring, mat is damage or the various functional areas of the equipment screws are loose every day or once a week.

3, Cleaning

[For example] whether the responsible regional cleaning and items are placed in place , clean up the sponge pool regularly

2.8.3, professional trampoline training and private traning

Training teaching system content

A set of preparatory activities from head to foot

Pressure ligament

A set of warm-up preparation

Arms akimbo jump

Standing arm jump

Swing arm jump

Tuck jump pike jump straddle jump

Space walking jump


Sitting jump and turn 180 sitting jump

Back jump

Trampoline wall


Forward roll

Backward roll

Forward somersault

Backward somersault

Forward somersault 180

Sit jump and backward somersault

Back jump and backward somersault

Forward somersault and Back jump

Back jump and forward somersault

Private traning mode is divided into group gymnastics training time for one and half hours and one to one private traning time for one hour

Children group gymnastics classes, the number of people up to the the venue size,adult private classes

Training age requirements from 6 years old to 40 years old

Primary trampoline lesson total of 22 training sessions, the last lesson for the reporting performance

2, Hosting interactive, training content

Making a speech

[For example] Welcome to the highly stylish,elegant and fashion Liben trampoline clubWhen there are many peopele in the venue can also tell them the safety and precautions, as well as to control the safety of the audience

For example, one trampoline mat can only jump one person; do not imitate the coaches action; before jumping into sponge pool observe whether there is anyone in the sponge pool, so as to avoid stampede

When playing enliven the atmosphere.

[For example] performance and game links

Taking control of the venue people

Hoster can also increase the venue service

(For example) to find someone; (naming) sponsoring and advertising

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