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Indoor trampoline park for shopping mall-Chile

Liben built a new trampoline for a customer from Chile and this trampoline park is for a shopping mall.
Below is the real pictures.

indoor trampoline park for shopping mall design drawing

This is the design drawing of the trampoline, this trampoline is about 145sqm which is about 1560sqft. It contains a foam pit and the size is 4.7m*4.7m, total 22sqm which is about 236.8sqft.
This trampoline is mostly for kids play and the customer also buy some playground product for kids play. Every city has many big shopping malls and people like to spend the weekends in the shopping mall, so I think it is a very good idea to use the center area for trampoline and kids playground.

Trampoline park in shopping mall

The trampoline is enough for about 20 kids play in it at one time.

Trampoline in shopping mall picture

The customer use the outside area as the birthday party area and they will put some kids tables and chairs for kids birthday party and also for the parents waiting outside.

trampoline for shopping mall

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