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Indoor Playground

Many customers who buy playground overseas willconcern a lot about the quality. For example, how can they assure the qualityif they didn`t go to the factories to confirm? And how can they believe that the certificates that factories show them are workable? Let us give you answer.

Talking about quality, you should know that EU countries have the most strict requirements for product quality.Therefore, certificates are usually needed for the custom clearance and also for getting approval of playground business from the local government. And since Liben already got lots of indoor playground projects in EU market, so it means our product quality and certificates are both workable there.

Here under is a map that shows many European countries where we had sold our indoor playground in the year of 2015.

Liben Indoor Playground in EU countries in 2015

After going through the map, you will see that if you are in Europe, you can confirm our playground quality very quickly by checkingour projects which are nearest to you. And if you are in other areas, we also will let you know our playground project nearest to you so that you can checkon your own. Besides, we got a professional playground installation team in EUand USA who will be able to do some help very fast if you need such service.

And please keep in mind that Liben does not only care about large quantity of projects around world, but also good quality that makes our customers feel it`s worth buying. Because we are striving for a good reputation in the world. See, below comes a favorable feedback from one of our Estonia customers.

Here share with you the original design:

And here share several real pictures:

Welcome to contact us for more information about our Indoor Playground!

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