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How to maintain trampoline park

How to maintain Indoor Trampoline park

2. Indoor Trampoline Park maintenance common sense(Indoor trampoline park maintenance)

2.1 One week routine checkup, one month safety checking

2.2 Checking the trampoline parts regularly

2.3, Checking spring (using 300,000 times): whether there is deformation; whether there is any rusty place; spring in the static state doesn`t stretch can continue to be used ,stretching shows that the service life has arrived,need to be replaced

2.4, Checking the trampoline mat: whether there is cracks of trampoline mat,whether off-line, the velcro splice incorrect or not aligned.

2.5, Trampoline soft pad: whether the surface is broken, off-line, inside the sponge whether there is a movement (need to open the zipper to reorganize neatly if there is movement), soft package and velcro whether moving or without alignment (there is a movement or not aligned need to re-paste and align, make it neat).

2.6, Steel frame inspection: check the screw whether it is loose, whether there is a fracture in the steel pipe.

2.7, Sponge pool: clean up once a month, make all the sponge pieces out, cleaning the bottom of the pool, scrubbing the protective pad of the pool

2.8, Between the wall and trampoline equipment: check the link where there is a wall material off.

2.9, Fence: whether the network is loose or broken.

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