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How to choose trampoline park location

How to choose trampoline park location

To build trampoline park, the location is very important, but also the necessary conditions for the success of business. Before choosing the location the following three points must be made clear: Site special requirements, basic positioning and research necessity.

① Site special requirements: trampoline park has a requirements of the shape of the venue, fewer columns, height above 5.2 meters

② Basic positioning: investors need to decide which age group they want the trampoline park for, such as the player,site size and so on. If the main age is 3-12 years old, the venue can be about 300 square meters ,If it is for all ages, it is recommended in more than 600 square meters.

③ Research necessity: trampoline park is risk but high profit project, it is necessary to do the site market research.

(2) Analysis the market:1)Market demand and potential analysis, including population, economic level, income level, consumption ability and so on 2)Industry trend analysis, investigate the management of recreational sports venues in the target area, to understand the potential development of the region, such as electric games hall, bowling alley, gym and so on 3) competitive analysis, whether there is a competitor; investors need to take into account the target area.

l property assessment - 1) flow test, customer comparison, etc., to get the best location and reasonable choice. 2) Understand the market price, the area division, the supporting conditions of the engineering property and the nature of ownership, etc., according to the investment budget, select the most cost-effective site.

2, taking into account the general trampoline park mostly for teenage, the venue of the general recommendations close to schools, business centers, large supermarkets, gymnasium, integrated playground and other places more concentrated young people. In general, the trampoline site has the following categories:

business center

Advantages: large flow of people

Disadvantages: site is too small, highly restricted; high rents


Advantages: large venues, meet the requirements, can be built a comprehensive trampoline park

Theme park; rent is relatively cheap

Disadvantages: location is remote, few people

Shoping mall

Advantages: large flow of people, height is not limited

Disadvantages: small site; time control and on-site management is relatively difficult.

Gymnasium, cultural center(such as badminton hall, tennis hall, etc.)

Advantages: meet the height requirements, site rules, site size diversification;

Venue facilities are relatively close

Disadvantages: high rents

Resort hotel

Advantages: hotel marketing means, drainage.

Disadvantages: the venue is small, the height may be limited

large amusement park

Advantages: large flow of people, height is not limited

Disadvantages: time control and on-site management is relatively difficult, many trampoline parks,as one of the many amusement parks, trampoline must control the playing time, otherwise it will cause the tourists to wait too long

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