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first trampoline park in Cambodia

First trampoline park in Cambodia

Congrats on the first trampoline park in Cambodia
opened on 31st, Oct, on Halloween.

Cambodia indoor trampoline park
Canbodia fly trampoline park is a big park sized as 1200 square meters,
dedicated to creating a safe, hygienic sports entertainment center for both adults and kids.

Cambodia indoor trampoline
To meet the clients` needs, there`re ten games included in the park:
free jumping zone, parkour zone, professional trampoline zone+wal running,
foam pit zone, climbing area, velcro well, slam dunk area, ninja course and dodgeball zone.

Cambodia trampoline park
If you pay attention, you will find that we use a variety of colors in the free jumping zone,
and it`s a [FLY" when you look from the top of the park.
Ready to Build Your Own Park?

Cambodia trampoline

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