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First Aid in Trampoline Park

First Aid in Trampoline Park

Eye Injury

1.Lay casualty on the back, holding his head on your knees to keep it as still as possible
2.Tell the casualty to keep this good eye still, as movement of the uninjured eye may damage the injured eye further
3.Cover both eyes gently with a soft cloth and get medical treatment

Training of Staff

1.Have staffs first aid trained
2.Make the emergency plan :
l Stop operation service when injury occurs
l Particular staffs arrange quick and efficient evacuation of people, particular staffs make the emergency assistance

First Aid Kit Checklist

l First aid manual
l Bandages (different sizes)
l Gauze(different sizes)
l Ace wraps
l Taps
l Tweezers
l Nail clippers
l Scissors
l Antiseptic wipes
l Instant cold compresses
l Pairs of non-latex gloves
l Safety pins syr
l Tooth preservation kit
l Splint
l Flashlight
l Blanket
l Tylenol
l Motrin
l Benadryl
l Triple antibiotic ointment
l Hydrogen peroxide
l Aloe
l Syringes for oral medication
l Thermo meter
Nasal bulb suction

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